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Tree Service in Lansing, MI

Main Tree Service has been the leading tree company in the entire city and its surrounding areas for the right reasons. We are a local company with the goal to keep every tree in the city aesthetically-pleasing and safe. Our team strives to upgrade our knowledge all the time to keep up with the ever-changing techniques and technology used in the tree care business. 

We proudly bring you the following tree services and more: 

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Reasonable Pricing- It is a common practice among other tree companies to inflate their rates without a just reason. This is something we never do at Main Tree Service Lansing MI. We know that most homeowners veer away from outsourcing professional tree companies because the cost is beyond their budget. We guarantee to offer an estimate that is on the same level as other quality tree companies. Our arborist will always look into the condition of your tree before we offer an honest estimate. 

Quick Response- Whether it is simple tree trimming or more complex tree removal, you would want quick assistance from the company you wish to hire. When you call us, we will be on our feet and deliver the service you need when you need it most. We will begin by assessing the situation of the tree in question, followed by a firm estimate. You can rest easy that whatever is written in the quote is essential to the overall health and aesthetics of your tree. We are also the go-to service of many homeowners when they face emergency situations and urgent cleanup assistance, particularly after a storm.

About Your Hometown Tree Experts

close up picture of our tree climber doing a tree removal for a customer in Lansing, MIEvery property owner wants to have a yard full of beautiful and healthy trees. This wish can be a reality if one learns to take care of his trees the right way. However, no matter how eager you are to tend to your trees’ needs, there is only so much you can do. This is where the role of professional tree companies come in. It is best to work hand in hand with experts to ensure your trees’ overall welfare and not just their appearance. Tending to trees is not as easy as it seems. It is essential to consider every aspect of tree care to make sure you are doing things right. If you are in doubt, you can always call Main Tree Service Lansing, MI—and we will address your concerns as they arise. 

Why Hire the Tree Service Lansing, MI trusts? 

You will not lack options when it comes to tree services in Lansing, MI. The truth is, more than a hundred tree companies are wanting to get your attention. But when it comes to a complicated task like tree care, it is crucial to go for a company that does not only make empty promises but stays true to their words. You can count on us to handle your concern with full honesty from the beginning until the end. 

Honest and Trustworthy- Companies will try to win you over by showering you with pleasantries and promises. However, do not easily fall for these tricks because you may regret it later. Choose only the company with good standing and a clear track record. You can rely on our team’s integrity built on years of mutual trust with our customers. Our clients feel secured and safe with us because we are always transparent with our transactions. No matter what your inquiry is, we will provide straightforward answers and leave no grey area. When we provide you with the estimate, you can be confident that it is based solely on the situation of your tree and nothing else.

Our Services

Picture of our tree climber in a tree doing tree trimming for a customer of Lansing, MIWe have been in the tree industry long enough to acquire a deep understanding of what tree care and maintenance is all about. As a full tree service company focused on excellence, we provide not just elementary tree care but complicated tree removal, restorative, and maintenance services, as well. When you choose us to perform tree service in your yard, you don’t need anyone else to cater to your other tree concerns. We have the knowledge and skills to finish whatever tree service you have in store for us. Rest assured that our service’s top-notch quality is constant from one service to another. Our team members are in the know with the newest trends in the field of tree care, to bring you only the best of what we can offer. From the day we were founded up to this day, we remain true to our promise of high-quality tree service and exemplary customer care. Below are the services we provide, but in case you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to ask us, and we will do our best to provide it in the best way we can. 


Tree Removal

Tree removal is more complicated than you think it is. The qualification to perform tree removal goes beyond having a chainsaw. The process is risky, and it involves careful planning and even more meticulous execution. For instance, you need to consider power lines, weak branches, and other threatening situations to ensure the success of the project. If you are unsure of the ins and outs of the process, you may find yourself regretting what you started doing. Thus, it is critical to hire professional assistance to guarantee the overall quality of the service. Aside from the skills and experience, we have modern technology to help us complete the task on hand. If you need reliable and safe tree removal that will not hurt your budget, you came to the right place. We bring you a premium tree removal service that is cost-effective and safe. 

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Well-maintained trees can bring forth many benefits to the community and the environment. During a summer day, its foliage can offer shade against the scorching sun. It is an ideal area for children to play around, and it offers beauty that is enough to calm you. If not provided the right care they deserve, they can turn into a costly liability. One of the most convenient and smart ways to maintain a tree’s health is by tree trimming and pruning. These two methods are essential to keep trees in tip-top condition. It is critical to perform these techniques correctly because if not, it can mean death for the tree. At Main Tree Service we have certified arborists to carry out the task and make sure every aspect of your tree’s health is considered. We understand the importance of correct trimming and make sure never to go beyond what is required. Trimming and pruning will go a long way not only for the aesthetics of your trees but their health and safety. 

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Stump Grinding

Just when you think it is over with tree removal, wait until you see the leftover stump. Don’t get us wrong—you can always choose to leave the stump unattended, but you don’t want to do that because of the many adverse effects it can bring. While stumps decompose on their own, it would take at least ten long years for the process to complete. Thus, it is recommended to have it eliminated sooner than later. Tree stumps are an attractive breeding ground for multitudes of insects and pests that can invade even your personal space. In addition, children and elders can trip over it and obtain injuries. We use modern stump grinders to process the stubborn stump into tiny pieces until it is no longer visible to the naked eyes. No matter the size, age, and challenge the stump presents, we can carry out the task with the utmost efficiency. Once we are done with the process, you will not even recognize the place where the stump used to stand. 

Picture of a tree that has fallen on a house and has caused by storm damage in Lansing, MIEmergency Tree Service 

Trees are often on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s wrath. Whether ice, high winds, or storms, they can leave trees in a desolate state. When your landscape trees face the same unfortunate event, it is best not to deal with the debris and other waste caused by the storm. Instead, give us a call, and we will be there to offer the help you urgently need. It is crucial to work with a well-experienced team in responding to risky situations like these. Main Tree Service has been offering fast and reliable emergency tree service to all property owners in Lansing, MI, for more than a decade already. Throughout the years, we have kept our good standing and clean track record by ensuring we come to the vicinity before everybody else does. You can access our trustworthy service 24/7, regardless of the situation of your tree.

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We cater to both residential and commercial property owners within the city and its surrounding areas. No matter your tree’s situation, you can be confident that we can offer the treatment and care it deserves to thrive, given the weather and soil conditions in our region. Even when your tree has lost its beauty and health, we can help restore it using well-thought-of techniques and safety practices. Get in touch with the most reliable tree company in town, and we will show you how tree service should be done. 


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