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Emergency Tree Service Lansing, MI

The storm’s wake is not an easy situation to deal with, especially if you need to handle downed trees. At best, you can be left with a messy landscape. But the worst situation is when you have fallen branches and an uprooted tree over your roof. When you are in the same ordeal, it is best to call the tree company that property owners in Lansing, MI depend on. Our professional emergency tree service is accessible every day of the week, regardless of the weather conditions.  

Our hardworking team can rehabilitate your property in a matter of hours. We are proud to be always the team that comes first to our customer’s aid when they need it the most. We understand that time is not on our side when dealing with storm damage, which is why we do our best to come to our client’s side as soon as they call for us. Strong winds can bring out the worst in your trees and leave damaging effects on your entire yard. Often, the damage can range from broken windows to damaged roofs, and garages. This is why it is crucial to seek assistance to get things back in place to prevent further damage. While we cannot predict the outcome of the storm, we can help you handle its effects on your valued trees. You can count on us to offer the best solutions to your emergency tree situation such as emergency tree removals

Emergency Tree Damage Response

If, in any case, you see yourself in a situation where you need to deal with the effects of the storm, give us a call, and we will come to your ad right away. We never recommend our clients to deal with trees that impact power lines. You need to call your local utility provider, so they can restore it as soon as they can. When you call our team for help, we will follow these guidelines for a smooth and safe restoration process: 

Our skilled team members will visit your house or business to assess the impact of the storm on your property. We will take note of the important details, so we can determine the number of staff members we should bring to the area to work. It will also help us decide which equipment will be necessary to complete the job.

We will supply you with a free on-site estimate. We will immediately organize our crew to provide you with the insurance and license documents as proof of our reliability. It is also this time when you will find out how much the project will cost. 

Once our team is deployed, we will begin removing debris and other dangerous elements in the area. Our crew will get rid of the remains of the downed tree, including branches and limbs. 

When every dirt and remains of the storm have been taken care of, we will get rid of every trace of the damaged tree and bring back the beauty in your place. 

When you face the same misfortune, we encourage you not to call just any local tree service to handle the work. It is crucial to hire only licensed, bonded, and insured companies for your security. Hiring an unqualified tree service can expose you to liabilities in case they get into an accident while they work on your yard. Please call only the tree company Lansing, MI property owners’ trust since 2010.

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