Tree Removal

Tree removal is not for the faint of heart. Unless you are trained and equipped to perform the task, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Elimination of trees, particularly massive and mature ones, calls for comprehensive skills and the right machines. Main Tree Service focuses on various types of tree removal and has been offering this service for over a decade now. Whether your tree is damaged from the storm, diseased, or obstructing your construction project—we can get the job done in no time. 

We set things in motion with one of our tree experts coming into your property to inspect the tree involved. We will then offer a free estimate, with all the essential details of the project, including the approach we will use, equipment, and also the total cost of the task. Upon request, we can show proof of our license and insurance information for your peace of mind. We will look into the tree’s condition, any buildings around it, and ways to access it and create a plan to eliminate it carefully. When it comes to the cost of cheap tree removal, we generally base it on two factors, which are the size, the species, and ease of access. 

 It is critical to consider the species of the tree because not all types are the same regarding the difficulty of removing it. For instance, trees that only have one main trunk are easier to eliminate than ones with several main trunks. When it comes to the size of the tree, it usually follows that the larger the tree is, the higher the cost will be. Finally, the location of the tree relative to fixed structures should also matter because it dictates whether we need to use heavy machinery or simply climb it up. Rest assured that we take every precautionary measure required to avoid accidents and property damage. 

Tree Removal Lansing, MI

We kickstart our process of eliminating your tree by cutting away the main branches. Our skilled tree experts will climb the tree and begin removing its limbs and branches from the top down. We always have ground crews to work on the removed parts of the tree and to make sure the area is free from debris and other waste. This process will go on until we only have the primary trunk to remove. Our lead cutter will cut it into smaller parts until we are only left with a stump. You can rest easy that your safety is on top of our minds throughout the tree removal process. 

When we are finally done with the removal process, you will not see any trace of tree limbs, branches, and waste from the work we did. You can always opt to have the stump eliminated the day after the schedule for tree removal. Our team can pile up the wood and logs wherever you please, or we can haul them away. The choice is yours to make. Your landscape will look pristine the moment we take off of your property. 

Call us for the affordable, reliable, and fast, professional tree removal service that you deserve. We will be glad to assist you with your tree removal concerns and more. 

Residential Tree Removal: Ensuring Safety and Aesthetics

Residential tree removal is a crucial service that ensures the safety and aesthetics of your property. Trees nearing homes or power lines pose risks during storms, necessitating their removal by professionals. This process involves assessing the tree’s health, location, and potential hazards before planning the removal method. Professional tree experts use specialized equipment to safely cut and remove the tree, minimizing damage to surrounding structures and landscapes. Additionally, tree removal enhances the visual appeal of your property, allowing for new landscaping opportunities. Trusting experts to handle residential tree removal ensures a safe and beautiful environment for your home.

Commercial Tree Removal Services: Enhancing Your Property’s Safety and Aesthetics

Commercial tree removal is a crucial service for property owners looking to maintain a safe and visually appealing environment. Our skilled tree experts are trained to safely and efficiently remove trees of any size, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding structures. Whether you need to clear space for new construction, eliminate hazardous trees, or simply improve the overall appearance of your property, our team is equipped to handle the job with precision and care. Trust us to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your commercial property through professional tree removal services. Contact us today for a consultation.

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