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Our tree trimming assistance and affordable tree cutting service aims to nourish and preserve your landscape trees by using skilled and professional trimming techniques. Correct trimming or pruning does more than keep your trees looking vibrant and pleasing but also healthy and safe. Trees that don’t receive proper trimming are not only an eyesore but are probable hazardous elements in your yard. They can have damaged and weak branches that are vulnerable to strong winds, ice, and storms. In addition, branches near your home or structure can waive your insurance claim, leaving you solely responsible for the damage it inflicted. 

Your tree professionals at Main Tree Service are competent and skilled in trimming all sizes and tree species. We thoughtfully plan every cut to aid your tree’s overall well-being. There is no better time to conduct an assessment of your trees than when they are being trimmed. We will look into every aspect of your tree’s health and offer solutions to make it better again. When it comes to your trees, we appreciate your suggestions because no one knows your trees better than you. If we realize what you request will not be beneficial to the tree, we will look into other ways to accommodate it without jeopardizing your tree’s condition. While tree trimming is standard, it is one of the most neglected services not only by property owners but tree companies alike. Rest assured that with our licensed tree experts, your trees will get the best care they need to flourish in the years to come. 

Tree Trimming Process

We carefully follow the high standards and safety guidelines offered by the TCIA and Arbor Foundation. By doing so, we can assure you that your trees are given the care and nourishment they need to grow and flourish. Over-trimming is never in our vocabulary because we understand that it can be detrimental to your trees’ overall health. We supply professional and cheap tree trimming services that will not only benefit the trees but also delight our customers. We look into your overall landscape and consider every aspect before we take further action. Our licensed local tree trimmers will never do anything to put your property and other plantings in danger. 

Our local tree trimming services commence with an on-site visit to evaluate the nature of the task. We will assess the type of tree in need of trimming, its surroundings, and its location. It is critical to first determine the goal for trimming to ensure we use the correct approach and do not harm the tree’s natural shape. We will offer an on-site estimate followed by a written one, along with our insurance and license documents. Bear in mind to never outsource help from an unqualified tree cutting business because your tree’s health and your safety are at stake. You may be presented with responsibilities when something unprecedented happens while they work on your property. 

When things are settled, and we have decided on the schedule, we will call you first thing in the morning to remind you of our arrival. Our primary cutter will climb the tree to carry out the task while our crew members take care of the debris and branches dismembered from the tree. You can keep the branches and limbs and repurpose them into firewood. We can cut them into manageable sizes for easy use, while the other waste will be disposed of. To cap things off, we will rake the remaining debris from your landscape and bring back order to your property.

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